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About our product

Our product is designed to help prevent the tannins and chromogens in red wine to stick to your teeth or gingival tissues (gums) which would cause “staining” and give the appearance of purple teeth and gums.

How does this product work?

On the tooth surface there may be some micro etch marks, erosion from acid wear, bio-film (plaque), calculus (tartar), or just some irregularities you were born with. What happens is the deeper the micro grooves are on the enamel, or the buildup of calculus, the easier the bio-film will stick to the teeth, thus creating a retention zone for the stain causing agents. Also note that the gums may stain too depending on stippling (microscopic grooves), and /or bio-film build up on the gums.

Simply use Wine Balm as you would a balm for lips, use your finger to apply it on your teeth, gums, and lips if desired. This will create a barrier against the acid, tannins and chromogens from red wine. The micro groves and holes will be sealed and smooth, so it won’t be possible for the stains to attach to the teeth. You can discreetly and quickly apply a layer between glasses of wine for optimal protection.

Red wine has a very high acidity level between 2.3 to 3.8 pH. The environment the acid leaves in the mouth and teeth may cause damage by eroding the enamel. While the mouth is in the high acid state (usually up to 20 minutes after consuming food or beverage which is acidic), more damage will be created if you try to wipe off the stains, so never brush or wipe teeth until the pH is more neutral in the mouth.

What is this product?

Wine balm is made from all natural products, mostly Canadian certified organic. A blend of natural fruit nut butters and oils, natural waxes, 100% natural essences and flavors are balanced to a perfect creamy texture. This light and creamy texture has a pleasant taste and will not alter the taste of wine.

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